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Audubon Applauds Interior And Agriculture Appointments

Audubon is releasing the following statements from John Flicker, Audubon president, and Peggy Montaño, Audubon national board member and Coloradan.

Mr. Flicker's statement:
"President-elect Obama is rounding out his energy and environment team by announcing two excellent choices. Senator Ken Salazar (CO) is a wonderful choice as Interior Secretary.

"Senator Salazar is an effective leader capable of working with both parties for common sense solutions. He is a consensus-builder who will balance the need to use and to preserve our natural resources.

"Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack will prove an effective leader at the Agriculture Department. He has a strong record of working to meet our nation's need for food and protecting the environment. He has also shown vision in supporting conservation of important habitat and transitioning our nation to cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy that will reduce climate change.

"Together with the other members of the President-elect's energy and environment team and a more environmentally aware Congress, the stage is set for fundamental change to protect America's great natural heritage. We look forward to working with Senator Salazar and Governor Vilsack."

Ms. Montaño's statement:
"Ken Salazar is an outstanding choice for Secretary of the Interior. In the thirty years I have known Ken I have witnessed his deep respect for the land and water resources of our country. He understands very clearly the challenges facing us in the use and protection of our public lands. He will be an excellent leader of the agency."

As a member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Senator Salazar has been a key leader in creating a clean and renewable energy economy that is less dependent on foreign oil.

From 1987 to 1994 Ken Salazar served as head of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, where he established a reputation for reforming oil, mining, and gas operations.

Senator Salazar is noted for opposing the blind rush to develop oil shale without the appropriate safeguards. He supports Audubon Colorado's efforts to engage underserved communities in outdoor experiences and education. He is widely credited with developing new leaders and voices from those communities to serve as role models for future generations.

Governor Vilsack supports deep reductions in greenhouse gases that will be necessary to prevent the worst impacts of global warming. He also supports development of biofuels that are more ecologically sustainable such as switchgrass and cellulosic ethanol. The governor has also been strongly supportive of the conservation reserve program and sustainable agricultural practices that limit runoff and other harmful impacts for industrialized farming.

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