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Audubon Bird Guide App Update: Introducing Custom Lists

Version 5.1 adds the ability to manage multiple lists of species, and restores existing NatureShare lists

Today we released an update to the Audubon Bird Guide (version 5.1) that adds a new feature: Custom Lists. It will also restore any species lists you may have created with your NatureShare account in previous versions of the app. 

We know every birder has their own system, so we wanted to make Custom Lists as flexible as possible. You can easily add species to a Custom List when you're adding a sighting, or you can add species to Custom Lists directly from My Audubon, without creating a sighting. And if you'd like to sync any of these direct additions to Custom Lists to your Life List, which automatically keeps track of every species for which you've created a sighting, you have that option. 

If you have existing NatureShare lists to import, your NatureShare account must not be set to "private" for the import to work, and you must log in to the Audubon Bird Guide app using the same email address that you used to login with NatureShare. For more information on how you can use Custom Lists, and for help troubleshooting any problems with importing NatureShare lists, please see

Thank you to our beta testers who helped us test this feature before its release. If you'd like to receive access to new features before they're released and help us test them, please sign up to become a tester at

And if you need help using the app, please don't hesitate to contact Audubon customer support by emailing

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