Audubon Center Recruits for Volunteers

In anticipation of National Volunteer month starting April 1, 2014, the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary is beginning recruitment of volunteers to help elevate Center functions to new highs.  Audubon hopes to engage 20 more volunteers over the next month.

Located at the end of Upper Canyon road, the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary encompasses 135 acres of striking landscapes and wildlife and the historic Randall Davey’s house and artist studio. In addition to providing a sanctuary for birds and wildlife, the Center offers community education programs, public hiking trails, historic tours, summer camps, and a venue for special events.

“Our handful of paid staff, with all their energy, excellence and expertise, can only do so much, said Steve Cary, Operations & Resource Manager at the Randall Davey Audubon Center and Sanctuary. “Dedicated volunteers have always helped us raise our game, so we are reaching out to the Santa Fe community in search of more people who are interested in donating their time to our unique community resource.”

Under direction of staff, volunteers will assist with:

  • education programs for 8,000 elementary school students and summer campers;

  • maintenance of new facilities and grounds;

  • managing and caring for the historic Davey House & Studio;

  • managing our piñon-juniper woodlands and other habitats;

  • managing our existing and new gardens;

  • assisting in office tasks such as organization, basic data entry, etc.; and

  • staffing special family events like weddings and memorials.


    The Center’s first big volunteer work day this year will be Saturday, April 12, when we need extra hands to help clean our acequia and get it ready for water deliveries this spring.


    If your skills or interests match up with any of these opportunities, and you are looking to invest your time in a way that will be greatly appreciated and for public benefit, please contact either Marcia Hilchey (983-4609 x 30, or Steve Cary (983-4609 x 27,  Or you can investigate volunteer opportunities at our website:


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