Audubon, Dominion Resources Launch Great Blue Heron Rookery Project in Richmond, VA

The National Audubon Society and Dominion Resources are partnering to bring information to the public about Great Blue Heron Rookery on the James River in Richmond, Virginia. In the midst of the City of Richmond, the James River hosts a unique natural wonder in its Great Blue Heron Rookery located just west of the 14th Street Bridge. Every late winter and early spring, the Rookery provides essential breeding and nesting habitat for approximately 40 Great Blue Herons and a few pairs of Great Egrets. The Herons in particular go through elaborate courtship behaviors, build their nests and raise their young all in a location for many bird watchers and nature enthusiasts to enjoy.

Herons have already begun arriving to the rookery and are currently forming pair bonds. See them in video and pictures at