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Audubon Gulf Recovery Effort to Receive $200K from Members Project®

Thanks to our committed supporters, Audubon has been voted the winning charity in the environment and wildlife category in the latest round of the Members Project® program.  The $200,000 in funding we will receive will help Audubon fulfill its conservation mission and make a difference for the birds, ecosystem and communities affected by the Gulf Oil Spill. Thank you for casting your votes and making it possible for us to win this vital support.

You can still help us in other ways. Get involved by volunteering or making a donation through Members Project. Your time and contribution can make a big impact for us.

We’re proud to be a part of Members Project, a partnership between American Express and TakePart to help people everywhere support charitable organizations. Everyone can make a difference. It takes just a small step to begin.

For more information on Members Project, go to:


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