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Audubon Launches “pennies For The Planet"

Young people, families, classrooms and service organizations across the country will soon be able to make a measurable difference in helping wildlife and wild places by participating in the National Audubon Society's Pennies for the Planet ( educational fundraising campaign.

Pennies for the Planet is a powerful tool for motivating children to learn about and become engaged in protecting biodiversity. This year, participants nationwide will collect change to support three national conservation projects, including:

  • Project Puffin and the Seabird Restoration Program off the Maine coast;
  • Four Holes Swamp, an ancient swamp that supports otters, owls and rare plants in South Carolina; and
  • Wyoming's "sagebrush sea," an endangered habitat for pygmy rabbits, sage-grouse and pronghorns.

"We need today's communities to help nurture tomorrow's environmental leaders, so it is vital that we help connect young people and families with the environment and provide ideas about how they can help protect it," said Audubon President John Flicker. "Pennies for the Planet links environmental education with environmental action, giving people everywhere the chance to discover what it means to give back and to care for wild places in need of conservation attention."

This year's Pennies for the Planet campaign is made possible by support from TogetherGreen, an Audubon initiative – in alliance with Toyota - created to promote conservation action and support current and future environmental leaders. Over the last decade, in conjunction with several other environmental organizations, Pennies for the Planet has helped tens of thousands of young people nationwide raise thousands of dollars to support species and habitat conservation.

Pennies for the Planet aims to reach more than 600,000 young people and their families through a partnership with Weekly Reader and distribution through Audubon Adventures. Youth will be encouraged to take part in local activities to help the environment.

Materials including a full color poster and educator's guide, a newsletter for kids, and a participation form with incentives and awards are available for download from for classroom or at-home use.
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