Audubon President says Keystone Decision Wrong for the Environment

"The decision to expedite half of the Keystone pipeline is not half wrong, it is all wrong.  And worse, it's all about politics," said David Yarnold, President & CEO of the National Audubon Society. "Experts have proven this pipeline may save a penny on a gallon of gas--while creating huge risks for communities and wildlife along its path. Think that's not a real hazard? Ask the people of Kalamazoo or the visitors to Yellowstone last year -- where the impact of spills have done enormous damage."

“The risk of major oil spills and chronic contamination of drinking water along this route is a real danger to both people and wildlife. And the claim that this pipeline will somehow bring relief at the pump just isn't backed up by economic facts. This is a political move designed to address the price of gasoline  -- which is really caused by increasing global demand and market speculators."

“We urge President Obama to move forward with greater efforts to promote all clean energy alternatives rather than expanding use of the fossil fuels that have led to harmful carbon pollution and climate disruption. This is pretty simple: this decision is threatening public health and it represents a threat to birds, their habitats, and global biodiversity.”