We asked you, dear readers, to tell us how you’ve greened your lifestyle. Here’s one of our favorite replies, from Trish Riley:

I'm an environmental journalist and author who's taken my career objective to new heights in 2010. As the scope of journalism opportunities dwindled in the face of the "media collapse," I chose to address the problem by creating an environmental news and resource site, GoGreenNation, where I and my colleagues could continue to pursue our personal and professional objective of providing reliable environmental information to the public. Although I have financed this venture entirely on my own dime, it is my hope that my investment proves valuable to the public as a resource of professionally vetted information about the environmental issues facing our world and the sustainable solutions available to us. I hope that this venture will provide a viable venue for reliable information as we forge ahead into the future.

To launch this site in my local community, I founded a local chapter of Green Drinks International. We celebrated our first anniversary in December 2009 with 60 attendees who appreciate the chance to meet and network with other sustainable professionals. At our August 2009, meeting, I met the director of the local non-profit theater, and we agreed that the community would benefit from an environmental film festival. We worked together to produce the First Annual Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival, a 10-day event featuring a dozen major films with several expert panels, a community eco-art walk, an eco-fair and eco-tours showcasing the natural feature of our North Florida region. The fair ended yesterday and was extremely successful. I consider the film festival to be an extension of my work as an environmental journalist - my job is to inform the public about the issues we face, and I'm doing my best to achieve that.

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