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Audubon's Mike Daulton Comments on EPA’s Historic Rules Limiting Carbon Pollution

“The EPA has hit a home run for the planet.  The Obama administration’s new air pollution standards announced today are essential for limiting global carbon pollution that is already endangering the health of our children and families, as well as wildlife and the natural world. 

“The warning signs are clear.  Audubon scientists have proven warming trends driven by carbon pollution have already disrupted bird migration patterns across the country. Nearly 60 percent of the 305 species found in winter across North America are shifting their ranges northward by an average of 35 miles. Like canaries in the coal mine, these birds are showing us that our shared environment is in peril.

“Audubon strongly supports EPA’s historic, first-ever rules to limit harmful carbon pollution from power plants. This is a great step forward toward a clean energy future.”

Background:  EPA Proposes Historic Limits to Industrial Carbon Pollution  WaPo

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