Award-winning Audubon Magazine Achieves Thirty Percent Increase In Ad Sales

With a 30 percent uptick in advertising revenue so far in 2007 versus the same period last year, Audubon, the National Audubon Society's award-winning magazine, is defying ad sales trends.

"Audubon's growing roster of advertisers are benefiting from the credibility and influence of Audubon's Green brand," said Greg P. Licciardi, Managing Director of Advertising for Audubon. "They recognize that our high quality editorial environment and upscale, influential readership are a winning combination."

In tandem with its growing advertising base, the latest MRI research confirms that Audubon offers marketers access to 1.6 million highly engaged eco-minded readers. With one of the highest renewal rates of any magazine in the country, Audubon is rated as a favorite by a higher percentage of its readers than almost any other magazine.

"Marketers are also paying attention to the results from a recent US government survey that shows the increasing popularity of birding versus declines in other outdoor activities," added Ed Whitaker, Senior Director of Marketing & Publishing. "Advertisers want their message to reach our grassroots network of members through the outstanding articles and photos contained in every issue of the magazine. Audubon allows them to reach the concerned citizens who make up our chapters and who get connected to nature by visiting our centers nationwide."

Audubon is also celebrating recent accolades for editorial and design excellence, and will be honored at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., September 26 with two awards for outstanding travel journalism from the Eric A. Friedheim National Journalism Library based at The National Press Club. Earlier this year, the publication received a prestigious nomination for General Excellence in the 2007 National Magazine Awards. Additional 2007 awards are listed below.

Audubon is sold on select newsstands and sent to members across the nation as a benefit of membership in the National Audubon Society. Recent awards include:

2007 Eric A. Friedheim Travel Journalism Awards winners:
First Place: "Power Lunch," by Jeff Fair, from the July-August 2006 travel issue
Third Place: "Beauty and the Bomb," by Christopher R. Cox, from Nov-December 2006 issue

2007 National Magazine Award finalist in the prestigious General Excellence category:
Issues entered that got us the nomination: March-April 2006, May-June 2006, September-October 2006

2007 Folio Eddie & Ozzie awards winners

  1. Ozzie Gold Winner
    Best Use of Illustration: Illustration by Hanoch Piven, accompanying the article "Business Makes Cents," May-June 2007
  2. Ozzie Gold Winner
    Best Use of Photography:
    Photography by Rob Kesseler, for the Photo Essay entitled "Blowing in the Wind," May-June 2007
  3. Ozzie Silver Winner
    Best Use of Photography:
    Photography by Joel Sartore, for the Photo Essay entitled "Haunting Beauty," January-February 2007
  4. Eddie Silver Winner
    Best Full Issue: September-October 2006 issue
  5. Ozzie Bronze Winner
    Best Overall Design: January-February 2007 issue

American Photography award winner
Nick Cobbing's opening photograph from the Photo Essay "On Thin Ice" (September-October 2006), was selected to appear in American Photography's 23rd annual award book, American Photography 23, available in November 2007

Communication Arts Photography award winner
Photo of a polar bear by James Balog, from January-February 2006's "One Picture," was selected to appear in the August 2007 issue of Communication Arts.

3x3, The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration award winner
Illustration of energy corridors, by Philippe Weisbecker, which accompanied the article called "No Escape" (September-October 2006), was selected to appear in 3x3's annual award book, 3x3 Illustration Annual No. 4, coming out in early 2008.

American Illustration award winner
Illustration of energy corridors, by Philippe Weisbecker, which accompanied the article "No Escape" (September-October 2006), was selected to appear in American Illustration's annual award book, American Illustration 26, available in November 2007.

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