Rock to Rock is New Haven's biggest Earth Day celebration and Audubon fans from accross the state are getting involved by assembling a team of bike riders. And we want you to join the fun! 

You and about a thousand of your neighbors travel from West Rock and East Rock, with celebrations on both sides of the city. Along the way, eat tasty food, hear great music, take on environmental service projects, and explore our city's parks and neighborhoods. All are welcome. Families and college students, serious riders and weekend warriors are all part of Rock to Rock. 

Please join the Audubon Connecticut and Menunkatuck Audubon Society team in raising funds to create a greener, healthier New Haven!

Register as a bike rider

Follow these steps: Click on the Register icon (top right)->Select Participant Type (what age rider)->Select ‘Join a team’-> Select ‘Audubon CT’

Donate to the Audubon CT and Menunkatuck Audubon Society Team

And follow these steps: Click on Donate icon (top right)-> type in ‘Audubon CT’-> choose name of bike rider of choice (or Katie Blake)-> Select ‘donate now’

Find out more about Rock-to-Rock

Any questions about this event or Audubon's Bird Friendly Communities (BFC) Programs, please contact our BFC Coordinator in Connecticut, Katherine Blake, at

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 Through our Bird Friendly Communities Program, Audubon Connecticut is working to transform backyards, schoolyards, parks and urban spaces into oases for migratory songbirds, in New Haven and across Connecticut.


One of our bird-friendly communities initiatives, Urban Oases in the New Haven Harbor Watershed, was recently designated an Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), one of only eight such designations nation-wide! With partners including McKinney National Wildlife Refuge, Yale Urban Resources initiative, Common Ground High School and Environmental Center, and Yale Peabody Museum, Audubon is working with City of New Haven schools and parks to create high quality habitats where hungry migratory songbirds can rest and refuel, and where people can explore, have fun, and make a difference for their environment!


One component of the Urban Oases Initiative, the Schoolyard Habitat Program, offers the following to New Haven Schools:


  • Funding and guidance to develop healthy schoolyard habitats for wildlife and children;
  • Teacher training workshops to increase outdoor learning and help integrate the Schoolyard Habitat into the curriculum;
  • Naturalist-led school-day programs, after-school Schoolyard Habitat clubs, and green career mentoring; and;
  • Opportunities for children and their families to commit to environmentally-friendly practices at home.

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