Bipartisan Climate Bill Broadens Consensus For Action

"For those who have said America does not have the political will to solve global warming, there is momentous news in today's new Senate global warming proposal.

"The Lieberman-Warner "America's Climate Security Act" is a welcome addition to the slate of bills introduced in Congress to address the global warming crisis because it shows growing political momentum. Clearly, the level of consensus on this issue that we have seen in the scientific community and the public at large is also spreading to the halls of Congress.

"Congress needs to act quickly to reduce global warming gases, and scientists tell us we must reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent by 2050. The Lieberman-Warner bill as currently drafted does not clear this hurdle, but we look forward to working with the Senators to improve the bill so we can avoid the most severe impacts of climate change."


A press release issued by Senator Lieberman's office can be found at

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