Bird Madness: Matchup #7

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Can you believe we’re already on round 7? That was fast. Thanks for everyone who’s been sharing their opinions. In our most recent round, the red-shouldered hawk was the winner.

This week, we’ll post the last two first-round head-to-heads. Next week we’ll start pitting our winners against each other. Only a few more weeks until we crown a final champ!

For those of you just joining our game, each round we’ve posted two entries from this year’s Audubon Magazine Photo Awards. More than 1,000 of you have chosen our six winners so far. The ultimate victor of Bird Madness will appear on our website, along with a story about how he or she captured the shot. Our Jan-Feb 2012 issue will feature the awards’ official winners, selected by our panel of judges.

Vote here! Voting for this matchup will close on Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 11:59 eastern time. The next round starts on Thursday.

Previous winners

Round 1 (full gallery

Round 2 (full gallery

Round 3 (full gallery

Round 4 (full gallery

Round 5 (full gallery

Round 6 (full gallery)

For more amazing images from the Photo Awards entries, visit the four galleries on “It Takes Two,” “You Lookin’ at ME?” “In the Balance,” and “Home on the Range.”

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