Audubon Mural Project

Black-billed Magpie by Andre Trenier

Location: New Happiness Chinese Restaurant, 3640 Broadway, New York, NY 10031

Painted: 10/18/2015

Climate Threat: Audubon’s climate model forecasts the magpie's withdrawal from its current summer range, with only 14 percent remaining stable and an overall decrease in summer area. But the projections also depict suitable climate space north and east of where the species occurs today, especially in winter. If those regions become warmer, as is widely predicted to happen, then Black-billed Magpies, resourceful and capable of dispersal, may well become established in new suitable area.

About the Artist: Andre Trenier is currently an Artist in Residence at the Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx and participates in community service programming for local residents while continuing to push the envelope of artistic expression. Since 2013 Trenier has painted over a dozen murals in the Bronx and Washington Heights areas alone. Every month, he paints the gate of the chic Lower East Side ice cream shop “Mikey Likes It” to coincide with the release of the parlor’s popular Flavor of the Month. Follow Trenier on Instagram.

The Artist on the Mural: “I chose the Black-billed Magpie because of its distinctive colors, its high intelligence, and its obsession with shiny objects. They have often been used to symbolise people’s facination with false perception and materialism.”

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