Cam Offers Bird Lovers a Live Look at a Puffin Colony


(Live video by Ustream)


Need a breather? Spend a few minutes (or longer) on rocky Seal Island off the coast of Maine, virtually hanging with some puffins. The puffin cam looks out over a “loafing ledge” where these charismatic seabirds mill around and socialize.

Seal Island is home to more than 500 nesting puffin pairs. Hunting wiped out the birds on the island in the 1800s, but they’ve re-colonized the site over the last 30 years—with a lot of help from Project Puffin’s tireless staff and volunteers.

The striking birds, sporting tuxedo-patterned plumage and coral-red bills that look almost marbleized, aren’t the only stars of this livecam, made available through a partnership between Audubon and Watch long enough and you might see razorbills and other seabirds hanging out on the craggy ledge.

The hustle and bustle outside is ridiculously entertaining, and there’s even more drama right now on the puffin burrow cam. It’s trained on an egg expected to hatch within the next few days.



(Live video by Ustream)


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(Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)