Canada Goose by Snoeman

Location: 3868 Broadway, New York, NY 10032

Painted: 12/03/20

Sponsored by: Hank Abernathy

About the Bird: Easily recognizable by its loud honking and V formation in flight at the change of seasons, the Canada Goose is perhaps one of the best-known waterfowl. In fact, it has become such a familiar feature of many human landscapes—stopping over in parks, golf courses, and anything resembling an open field—that it may be hard to picture it as threatened. But at the current pace of warming, the species is projected to lose 25 percent of its summer breeding ground—pushing it out of most of the contiguous United States.

About the Artist: Snoeman is a New York City–based artist with roots in graffiti. He works in a wide range of mediums with a focus on aerosol murals and mixed media illustration. Inspired by the city, he has become known for his gritty aesthetic and raw depictions of quintessential New York people, places, and things. He applies this lens to the Canada Goose, giving the bird an urban makeover. He also nods in the mural to another potential problem for geese—the collection of feathers for the down industry.