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The top-scoring binoculars in the $1,000–$2,000 range.

These bins feature high-density glass and premium lens coatings that deliver clear images with enhanced color and contrast. What the top performers here deliver optically rivals the bins in the $2,000-plus category—at least until you go to the extremes, such as identifying raptors that are a mere speck in the sky.

Curiously, all of these binoculars were outscored by several of the highest-ranking binoculars in the two price categories below this one (the $500–$1,000 group and the $200-$500 group). Where these binoculars lost points by and large wasn't in the clarity of crispness of the image, but rather in the overall feel, which included factors such as ease of focus, balance, and ergonomics. 

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Leica Ultravid HD-Plus 8x32

Price: $1,949
Score: 3.93
The takeaway: Weighing in at just over a pound, these small but mighty bins have impressive clarity and brightness. Reviewers with medium- and smaller-sized hands particularly appreciated the slim and compact design.
More specs: 18.9 oz, waterproof/fogproof, 404 ft/1,000 yd FOV, limited lifetime warranty


Vortex Razor 8x42

Price: $1,479
Score: 3.73
The takeaway: Excellent optics that deliver, as the name implies, a very crisp image. Light yet sturdy, and well balanced in the hand. 
More specs: 24.2 oz, waterproof/fogproof, 388 ft/1,000 yd FOV, unconditional lifetime warranty


Swarovski SLC 8x42

Price: $1,721
Score: 3.70
The takeaway: Stellar optical performance, superb eye relief, and impressive field of view. Some reviewers had difficulty focusing quickly and easily, which they attributed to the focus wheel being located close to the eyes. 
More specs: 28.5 oz, waterproof/fogproof, 408 ft/1,000 yd FOV, limited lifetime warranty


Kowa Genesis 8.5x44

Price: $1,385
Score: 3.39
The takeaway: These binoculars provide a clear, bright view of birds, up close and at a considerable distance. The heft of these optics, the heaviest pair tested, proved a downside for some reviewers. 
More specs: 33.5 oz, waterproof/fogproof, 365.7 ft/1,000 yd FOV, 10-year warranty

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