Audubon Mural Project

Cerulean Warbler by Tom Sanford

Location: 601 W. 149th St., New York, NY 10031

Installed: 10/28/2014

Sponsored By: Diana Lloyd

Climate Threat: Perched on John James Audubon's shoulder is a Cerulean Warbler, a small bird that is projected to lose 98 percent of its current breeding range by 2080. 

About the Artist: Tom Sanford is a Harlem-based artist whose work is exhibited extensively in museums and galleries around the world. Sanford was born in Bronxville, New York, in 1975. He received a BA from Columbia University and a MFA from Hunter College. He is currently preparing for an exhibition at Galleri S.E in Bergen, Norway, while trying to raise his two children with his wife, Alexsandra Lloyd. For more, please visit or or follow him on Instagram.

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