We’ve heard of some unusual chicken coops, from egg-shaped one to solar-powered ones to those built inside Manhattan apartments.  But, artist Benedetto Burfalino’s twist on a home for hens may be the cleverest yet.  Bendetto, whose other quirky art installations include a car-turned-flower pot and a phone booth aquarium, repurposed a French cop car from the 1970s for the project.

The auto was gutted except for a few interior elements - like the steering wheel and clutch – and then fitted with wooden flooring and wrapped in chicken wire to make it a functional coop. 

What’s so clever about that, you might wonder.  InFrance, policemen are colloquially referred to as “poulets” (chickens).  So the police car chicken coop, in French called “La Voiture de Police Poulailler,” is quite apt.

[video:193466|caption:A cop car turned chicken coop by French artist Benedetto Burfalino. Video via youtube]

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