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Clean Energy Jobs And American Power Act Advances In U.s. Senate

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee today passed the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, S. 1733, sponsored by Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and EPW Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer (D-CA). The bill passed by a vote of 11-1, with no Republican Committee members voting.

Statement of Mike Daulton, Audubon Legislative Director

"Today's action in the Environment and Public Works Committee marks another step forward for clean energy legislation and sets the stage for full the Senate to pass a comprehensive plan that will help repower America with clean energy, create new jobs, cut our dangerous dependence on oil, reduce harmful global warming pollution, and protect our environment.

"The Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act provides a strong foundation for success by requiring dirty power plants to clean up their acts and by establishing strong short-term emission reduction targets. Make no mistake, the momentum is building and support is growing for the passage of strong and meaningful clean energy plan.

"Audubon thanks Chairman Boxer, Senator Kerry, and the members of the Environment and Public Works Committee for their leadership and tireless efforts to advance the Clean Energy Jobs Act. Audubon looks forward to working with members of the full Senate in the coming months to pass comprehensive clean energy legislation."

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