Clean Energy Jobs And American Power Act “a Recipe For Energy Success"

Statement of John Flicker, National Audubon Society President, regarding introduction of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act by Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer and Senator John Kerry.

"Senators Boxer and Kerry have blended some new and vital ingredients into the recipe for a truly meaningful and comprehensive energy plan. 

"The Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act would make a huge difference by requiring dirty power plants to clean up their acts and by establishing strong short-term emission reduction targets. Big polluters would have to slash their contributions to global warming, while the plan would help repower America with clean energy, create new jobs and cut our dangerous dependence on oil. That's a recipe for energy success. 

"The new measure is a big step toward the final legislation that America needs, Congress can support and the President will sign. We look forward to working with Senators Boxer and Kerry and members of the Environment & Public Works Committee to ensure the passage of a strong bill in the coming weeks."
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