Climate-Threatened Birds Mosaic

Royal Tern: Dan Irizarry; Tricolored Heron: Matt Knoth; Florida Scrub-Jay: Matt Knoth; Pacific Golden-Plover: Mark Johnson/Bering Land Bridge National Preserve; Rusty Blackbird: Seabrooke Leckie; Rufous Hummingbird: Rick Leche; Barn Owl: Greg Lilly; Roseate Spoonbill: Nebirdsplus; Greater Sage-Grouse: Tatiana Gettelman; Bullock’s Oriole: Steve Thompson; Golden Eagle: David H. Webster; White-Headed Woodpecker: Paul Bannick; Western Screech-Owl: Alexandra MacKenzie; White-winged Crossbill: Nebirdsplus; Ovenbird: Kent McFarland; Pinyon Jay: Michael Durham; Black Skimmer: Kim Taylor; Swallow-tailed Kite: Andy Morffew; Brown Pelican: Linda Tanner; Yellow-bellied Sapsucker: Terry Lorenc; Cerulean Warbler: Mdf/Wikimedia Creative Commons; Purple Finch: Cephas/Wikimedia Creative Commons. Except where specified all the photos are Flickr Creative Commons.

Learn more about the birds threatened by climate change.

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