Date: March 15, 2021

Due to the COVID19 outbreak, the Winter and Summer 2021 survey periods of Climate Watch will require a few changes. All coordinators and volunteers must follow this guidance and select one of two options below pertaining to the Winter and Summer 2021 survey periods for Climate Watch. 

Option 1: Run COVID-19 safe and socially distanced Climate Watch surveys if local rules allow.   This will require following these GUIDELINES FOR RUNNING A SOCIALLY-DISTANCED Climate Watch survey:

1.    Wait until January 5 for Winter and May 5 for Summer at the earliest to confirm your Climate Watch surveys will take place, if local regulations allow.
2.    Cancel all in-person gatherings.
3.    Social distancing and/or masking are required at all times in the field. 
4.    Carpooling may only occur within existing family or social “pod” groups.
5.    Activities must comply with all current state and municipal COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.

Option 2: If option 1 is not possible, cancel the survey period for your location.

If you feel it is not safe to move forward with the Climate Watch surveys and choose option 2, please know that Audubon fully supports your decision to cancel. The safety of our coordinators and community scientists will always be our top priority. 

If you are able to count safely following these guidelines above, remember to save the dates of the winter survey period taking place January 15 – February 15, 2021 and the Summer survey period is May 15 - June 15, 2021 and help us count bluebirds, nuthatches, goldfinches, towhees, or Painted Bunting.

There will be little impact on the scientific value of Climate Watch by missing or altering the winter survey season. So again, we urge you to prioritize your safety and the safety of others when making your decision.

Please be in touch if you have questions or need more information. Email us at:


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