Common Loon by Kristian Glynn

Location: 601 W. 149th Street, New York, NY 10031

Installed: 11/9/2014

About the Bird: The Common Loon’s mournful yodel, which currently echoes across North Woods lakes and rivers, could go silent across the southern quarter of the bird’s breeding range if warming reaches 3 degrees Celsius. Spring heat waves could hurt its nesting success by stressing chicks or slowing parents’ feedings. Stalling global warming at 1.5 degrees would help the iconic waterbird retain its U.S. territory.

About the Artist: Australian artist Kristian Glynn has become adept at making work with readily available materials. He paints, draws, sculpts, and integrates text, continuing to push the boundaries of expressing his own emotional vulnerabilities. “I had been looking for a flightless bird,” says Glynn, who has worked as both an art teacher and art therapist, “but the Common Loon was a perfect fit for me as I often incorporate text into my work, and I just loved the somewhat oxymoronic name.” 

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