Audubon Mural Project

Common Loon by Kristian Glynn

Location: 601 W. 149th St., New York, NY 10031

Installed: 11/9/2014

Climate Threat: Audubon’s climate model predicts that by the turn of the century, the Common Loon could summer north of Minnesota, thanks to a shifting range. Learn more about how climate change threatens this bird.

About the Artist: Australian artist Kristian Glynn has become adept at making work with readily available materials. He paints, draws, sculpts, and integrates text, continuing to push the boundaries of expressing his own emotional vulnerabilities. Glynn has had seven solo and numerous group shows, and has been employed as both an art teacher and an art therapist. He is currently living in Melbourne, Australia, after many years spent in the UK and Japan. For more, please visit:, or follow the artist @kristianglynn.

The Artist on the Bird: “I had been looking for a flightless bird, but the Common Loon was a perfect fit for me, as I often incorporate text into my work, and I just loved the somewhat oxymoronic name.” 

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