Controversy in Copenhagen: 140 Private Jets, 1,200 Limos, 1,400 Prostitutes

It seems the delegates attending the Copenhagen climate talks didn’t learn much from the big three auto execs’ major faux pas last year. Remember when the CEOs of Ford, GM, and Chrysler were verbally tarred and feathered for having the gall to fly to Washington on private jets, hats in hand, to beg for public funds that would keep their companies on life support? The message then: ‘We are hemorrhaging cash. You must help. Pay no attention to the millions we waste on traveling in luxury comfort.’ Now some of the delegates arriving in Copenhagen are sending a similar statement: ‘Yes, let’s talk about how to save the world from climate change. But never mind the carbon footprints of the private jet and the limousine I rode in on. Besides, what’s another couple hundred tons of emissions when the planet is already so far over budget?'

The situation has caught some local businesses by surprise. One limo company owner was prepared for a slow week, thinking climate consciousness would trump lavish comforts, reports NPR. Instead, she’s rented 200 limos, “more than 10 times her normal business.” Her company isn't the only one experiencing heavy conference traffic; she told the Telegraph at least 1200 limos are on the streets. Meanwhile, 140 additional private, fuel guzzling jets are touching down at the Copenhagen Airport. And the frills may not stop at the end of the runway. Visiting VIPs in need of some companionship during the conference have been invited to order up an “escort,” gratis, reports the Telegraph. Taking a stand against the mayor’s effort to keep visiting delegates focused on rising sea levels and global droughts (the mayor sent them postcards saying “Be sustainable, don’t buy sex”), the local sex workers union promised that its 1,400 members will give freebies to anyone carrying the mayor's postcard and a climate conference delegate’s pass.