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Earth Day Message From Audubon Interim President Dr. Frank Gill

April 22nd marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and Audubon is once again at the forefront of major conservation initiatives across the country and beyond. Nowhere is this presence more visible than in our national field campaign on climate change. As the nation turns its attention to a climate- focused Earth Day Audubon's field program is capitalizing on an increased awareness of this global conundrum with a menu of solutions and suggestions for public engagement that range from the very local to the state and national.

Audubon has organizing staff on the frontlines of the climate campaign in twelve states, led by policy staff in Washington, DC . In coordination with our state offices we have become a powerful force for solutions to climate change and a credible voice for a clean energy future that protects birds and wildlife and helps our economy at the same time.

Our efforts include organizing U.S. veterans in North Dakota and cultivating key drivers of climate legislation. We're garnering positive media, encouraging the clean energy efforts of business leaders in Arkansas. Audubon is developing allies in the influential sportsman and outdoor recreation communities in Colorado and Montana, and engaging labor and public health voices in Ohio and Missouri. In concert, we're engaging and representing the wide array of diverse voices of our great country as they call for action now on this monumental issue.

Just as Earth Day in the '70s spawned landmark conservation laws like the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act, this year we can help Congress deliver on the promise of comprehensive legislation to address climate change and our need for a clean energy economy. The U.S. Senate is poised to take the next step toward this promise and Audubon is there. We're doing what we do best: empowering our grassroots activists, our network of nearly 500 chapters, other members and supporters to take action for our communities, for birds and wildlife and for our planet. Never has Audubon's voice been more necessary and our presence more vital to the cause of conservation.

This Earth Day let's recommit our passion for protecting birds and wildlife. Let's make our voices heard across this country and, most importantly, in Washington D.C. Please join us and get involved in the national campaign for climate change solutions. A great first step is staying informed with action alerts and updates on this program. If you are not already on our E-activist list, you can sign up here:

Thank you for your support!   Together, we can make a difference.

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