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Election Brings New Era Of Wildlife And Habitat Conservation

"Audubon believes last week's election ushered in a new era of hope for our environment; and the people, birds and other wildlife that depend on it. Eight dismal years of environmental abuse and neglect are now coming to an end. President-elect Barack Obama and a more environmentally aware Congress offer the promise of leadership and fundamental change. This will translate into improved protections for America's treasured places, and a new lease on life for species in decline. 

"The days of secret task forces and backroom deals with polluters are over. In his own words, President-elect Obama said: 'The future of our planet is at stake.' Conservationists have waited years for this opportunity and are strongly committed to helping the new administration and Congress to live up to this great promise."


These remarks were made by Ms. Loyless during a teleconference with reporters and representatives of wildlife conservation organizations. To hear audio of this event and access other written statements, visit
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