Evening Grosbeak and Black-headed Grosbeak by Ouizi

Location: 1805 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10031

Painted: 10/27/2017

About the Birds: They share a last name based on their most prominent feature, but Evening Grosbeak and Black-headed Grosbeak are not at all related. Both evolved massive beaks to feast on large, crunchy fare. Evening Grosbeaks live in the north woods and eat seeds and buds, while Black-headed Grosbeaks are western and munch many insects as well. Audubon’s climate models predict that both will lose habitat as forests are damaged by rising temperatures.

About the Artist: Louise Jones, also known as Ouizi, is a painter based in Detroit. She makes large-scale installations on buildings that work seamlessly with the existing architecture and paints subject matter from the ornamental and natural realms. Ouizi picked these species because of their “beautiful large beaks” but also because of the regions where they reside: “I live in Detroit, but am originally from Los Angeles, so I chose two birds to represent these two opposite spectrums of the country.” 


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