Artist Ouizi. Photo: Mike Fernandez/Audubon
Artist Ouizi. Photo: Mike Fernandez/Audubon

Audubon Mural Project

Evening Grosbeak & Black-headed Grosbeak by Ouizi

Location: 1805 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10031

Painted: 10/27/2017

Climate Threat: The Evening Grosbeak can often be found milling over sunflower seeds at Northeastern feeders during winter. But that could change in the next few decades, as Audubon's climate model predicts that more than half of that range will shift northwards. What's more, only 2 percent of the species' summer range. Similarly, as western North America dries and warms up, the Black-headed Grosbeak may shift upslope, vacating up to 58 percent of its normal summer range.

About the Artist: Louise Jones, also known as Ouizi, is a painter based in Detroit. She makes large-scale installations on buildings that work seamlessly with the existing architecture, and paints subject matter from the ornamentel and natural realms. Follow her on Instagram.

Photo: Ouizi

The Artist on the Mural: They have beautiful large beaks, which is what their category of bird species is named for. One of them is eastern/northern based, and one of them is western/southern based. I live in Detroit currently, but am originally from Los Angeles, so I chose two birds to represent these two opposite spectrums of the country.” 

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