For Bird Lovers: Hilarious Cartoons Re-tern to Bookstores


Here’s a riddle for you: What does the party planner hope for when she puts together an event?

A big ternout.

At least that’s what writer Peter Delacorte and illustrator Michael C. Witte would say, judging by the cover of their hilarious collaboration The Book of Terns. Thirty-plus years ago, the two teamed up on this collection of pun-infested tern-focused cartoons, which got reprinted six times. The book’s back, this time published by the duo’s Ternaround Press. With their permission, several of their enjoyable illustrations below, the perfect antidote for any bird lover’s midday fatigue.

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                          "Hairpin terns"

                         "Dramatic tern"



                              "Tern, Retern"


[Copyright 2011, Peter Delacorte and Michael C. Witte.]

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