For Retailers and Institutions

Learn why you should carry products that meet the desires of your eco-conscious customers.

Why carry Audubon Certified Beef?  

Shoppers everywhere are looking for ecolabels and demanding meat from responsibly-managed operations. Consumers want to know how their food is produced, where and by whom, and with what social and ecological consequences. Audubon’s bird-friendly land certification empowers consumers to support grassland conservation across hundreds of thousands of acres in the U.S. We have a large and loyal consumer base that will buy beef from Audubon-certified lands, even if it costs more.

Benefits for Businesses

  • High customer loyalty of nearly half a million Audubon members
  • Listing in the membership directory to facilitate networking among sustainable ranches and the companies that source from them
  • Ability to locate ranchers and buyers throughout the supply chain
  • A streamlined and efficient submission process for the approval of packaging and other materials that use the seal
  • Use of Audubon's certification seal 
  • Valuable promotional materials to increase sales
  • Market appeal and value to the premium of the product

Industry experts state that growth in non-traditional beef has grown 25-30 percent annually over the past decade and predict that this growth will continue. By replacing expensive grain-feed with regenerative management practices, ranchers are completely insulated from spikes in the price of feed. Similarly, supply from Audubon-certified ranches is growing and we expect to enroll more than 2.5 million acres by 2022.

Audubon's Conservation Ranching program is one of the best hopes for grassland conservation across the Great Plains. You can be part of an innovative program that helps consumers, ranchers, and the environment. 

Contact us to start carrying beef from Audubon-certified lands!