Getting Crafty

These crafts are the perfect excuse to escape the last of the summer heat.

In the last few days of summer, arts and crafts can be a fun and necessary escape from the heat, and a relaxed transition back to school. With summer trips winding down and fall right around the corner, taking some time to connect and create may be just what kids, and you, need.

Handprint Birds

Photo: Cindy deRosier/

Chances are you’ve seen this craft before as homes and classrooms across the country get ready for Thanksgiving. This month, we challenge you to think outside of the turkey and create handprint birds of other varieties. Transform handprints into flamingos, owls, or any other feathered favorites. 

Homemade Toy Binoculars

Photo: Boots

Prepare for a birding adventure with the young nature-lovers in your life. These DIY binoculars are an engaging way to connect with kids and instill a passion for wildlife within them. This craft is quick and easy to create so that you can head to the great outdoors (or your backyard) for a fun inaugural birding experience.

  1. Glue two toilet paper rolls together and wrap duct tape around them to form the binoculars.
  2. Use a hole punch to make holes on the outside of each roll. Tie a strand of yarn, about 18-20 inches long, through each hole to create a strap to hang the binoculars loosely around the child’s neck. To avoid the danger of choking, children should only use under supervision.
  3. Decorate the binoculars however you want!

Bring more hummingbirds to your backyard with native plants

Ruby-throated hummingbird. Video: Shutterstock