Global Warming Solvable With Action, Un Scientists Say

"This latest report from the world's scientists makes it clear that people and governments have it within their power to curb global warming, but that time is running short. Humans caused the problem, and it's up to humans to fix it.

"There is much good news here and even reason for optimism if we listen and heed the call to action. The report confirms that many of the technologies we need to address the problem already exist and simply need to be deployed in a serious way. The U.S. can start filling the scientists' prescription by rapidly adopting emissions caps, renewable electricity standards, energy conservation measures, and improving fuel efficiency.

"The report makes it clear that voluntary measures have had no effect—these cannot be take 'em or leave 'em approaches. The world's best scientists are telling us that it will take serious changes backed by the force of law if we want to minimize the risk to people and wildlife.

"Every poll confirms that the American public is clamoring for solutions to this grave threat. The clock is ticking and the White House has failed to lead the way. Now it's up to Congress to set the course that science prescribes to lead us away from the threats of global warming and toward a brighter energy future."
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