I’ve seen the future and it’s the K-Light Solar Lantern, a small gadget with big potential. The detachable, shatterproof solar panel, which can be charged even when it’s snowing or cloudy, provides up to 10 hours at full LED brightness (or twice that long at half brightness). This past summer, looking for nocturnal creatures while walking my dog in rural New England’s pitch darkness, I found that either strength shines a high beam—especially when you screw the top off to convert the lantern into a flashlight. About the size and weight of a soda can, you can practically kick this device, thanks to its hardy construction. PiSAT Solar the manufacturer, donates a portion of its proceeds from sales to solar projects and helps provide the lights to African villagers, thus allowing them to replace dangerous and toxic kerosene lanterns. Price: $49.95.—David Seideman

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