Hear the Robin’s Intricate Evening Song Slowed Down

As dusk approaches, these thrushes get much more musical.

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During the day, an American Robin sings a lovely, familiar song of rich phrases. The phrases vary, and ring forth with a lilting quality.

But as the sun begins to set, robin song takes on a new and exquisitely different character. From sunset until dark, a robin adds ethereal whispered notes to its carol, creating a song of remarkable grace and complexity. 

Let’s listen more closely to the fine detail of a robin’s evening song, by slowing down the same notes to ½ normal speed.  

Here’s another passage of evening song at 1/2 speed. 

In the high latitudes, where twilight lingers late into the evening, a robin may expand its daytime carols into a twilight symphony that continues for hours.

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Song of typical American Robin (1) recorded by Donald Kroodsma Singing Life of Birds CD, track 12: between 15-21.  (2) Kroodsma CD, track 13:24-35  (3) ½ speed of track #2   (4) ½ speed track 13:47–55. 

The Singing Life of Birds, by Donald Kroodsma, Houghton Mifflin, Co., New York, New York.  2005. Evening ambient of several robins singing recorded by

C. Peterson M III T 50.

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