Help Birds Avoid a Deadly Collision

The Office’s Kate Flannery explains how your actions can keep birds from window strikes.

Birds need your help! You can help create a safer environment for birds by following these steps:

  • Make windows look like a barrier to birds. Here are some ideas: 
    • Window decals may help, but they must be placed no more than 2-4 inches apart in order to be effective. Birds will try to fly through larger gaps. This means that on large windows, many closely spaced decals may be necessary to deter bird collisions.
    • Create temporary designs with window markers or tempera paints, or hang ribbons on window exteriors. Again, designs or ribbons should be placed no more than 2-4 inches apart.
  • Install external screens or netting on windows. When done effectively, external screens can break up reflections or can slow birds down before they hit the glass.
  • Close window drapes or blinds partially or completely whenever possible. This is especially important at night when interior lights are in use.
  • Position feeders either directly on a window with suction cups or within 3 feet.
  • Avoid placing plants near windows inside your home.


With support from Toyota through our Toyota TogetherGreen program, Audubon is working across the country to help make homes, offices, stadiums, and other buildings safer for birds.

For example, in Minnesota, we rallied a coalition of conservation groups and local government agencies to help make bird migration safer. The group created bird-safe building guidelines and worked with the owners, managers, and residents of tall buildings to turn off their lights at night during the spring and fall migration periods, reducing the potential for bird collisions during these highly trafficked times.

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