Cedar Waxwing with Cascara buckthorn. Photo: Mick Thompson


How Kids Can Make a Difference for Birds This Earth Day

Three easy activities for kids and their families.

At Audubon, we know Earth Day is more than just a day to appreciate our planet: It’s the perfect excuse to bring the whole family together for fun and educational activities that celebrate the natural world. That’s why we’ve pulled together three family-friendly ideas for your flock—just in time for April 22.

Make Window Clings

Windows can reflect trees and the surrounding landscape, or even make it appear that there is an open space on the other side, which can cause birds to fly into clear and reflective glass. But it's not hard to prevent these collisions.

Applying decals to your windows can drastically reduce bird impacts. Just make sure to use multiple decals and place them close enough together to obscure the reflection. The space between each decal should be no larger than 2"x 4" inches, or roughly the space a small bird like a sparrow could fly through.

There are several decal options for purchase, or you can make your own decals at home for a fun, family-friendly activity.

Bring Birds to Your Yard with Native Plants

Growing bird-friendly plants will attract and protect the birds you love while making your space beautiful, easy to care for, and better for the environment.

Because plants and birds have evolved together, plants native to your area provide local birds with the food they need when they need it the most.

It’s easier than ever to find bird-friendly plants for yards, balconies, gardens, and schoolyards, thanks to Audubon’s Plants for Birds program. Simply enter your 5-digit zip code to find the best plants to bring birds to your yard or green space, as well as local resources and links to more information. 

Get Outside—and Get Curious

Earth Day is the perfect excuse to get outdoors and explore your local wildlife—including birds. Audubon has 41 nature centers around the country that offer a wide range of activities for kids and families.

But you don’t need to travel far to enjoy wildlife—birds can be found just about anywhere you look. Audubon’s free Bird Guide App will help you learn about the birds in your backyard as well as explore more than 800 North American bird species.

Our Audubon Adventures program is another great option for curious minds. Designed for classrooms as well as for enjoyment at home, the program introduces young people to the world of nature and wildlife through colorful magazines, online features and interactive games and puzzles.

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