How to Submit Your Data to Climate Watch

So, you've gone out and counted birds following the Climate Watch protocol. Here's how to share it with Audubon climate scientists.

How do you submit your Climate Watch data to Audubon? There are four ways to record data for the Climate Watch program. Pick the one that works best for you.

  1. Use Audubon’s mobile app to record observations of your Climate Watch target species. Once you have saved your checklists through the app, Audubon has the data and you are done. Note that the Audubon app's Climate Watch checklist capability is available only during the count period, so do not delay on submitting your data this way.

  2. If you do not have a smartphone, you can submit observations of your Climate Watch target species here: Once you submit your 12 checklists per square (submit one form for each checklist), Audubon has the data and you are done.

  3. Use or the eBird mobile app to record your Climate Watch survey checklists. Then log on to the web version of eBird (do not use the mobile app for this step), copy the URL of each checklist, and submit the data through this portal. A video showing how to use the portal can be viewed here.

  4. Paper forms are available for your use here. Any paper forms submitted to us by email attachment will be entered as capacity and funding become available.

Thank you for participating in Climate Watch and for submitting your data to us.

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