Insider Tips For The Audubon Bird Guide: North America App

Make the most of your app with these tips and tricks.

While you may already know about the app’s 821 species profiles and the 3200-plus world-renowned bird photos, those are just the tip of the wing. Here are five easy tips for getting the most out of your Audubon Bird Guide experience.

1. What birds are in your area?

Traditional field guides can help you find birds based on habitat, but the Audubon Bird Guide app finds them through real-time reports from hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Simply select your location in the Find Birds with eBird section and within seconds, the most recent observations of hundreds of species in your area are at your fingertips.

2. How can I figure out what that bird outside my window is?

Under Explore Birds, the Advanced Search option is the best way to identify a completely unknown bird, and it sure beats flipping through every page of a paper field guide. Select your location and month, then fill in whatever other details you have on size, shape, color, habitat, etc. and the app will present you with a list of possible birds that match your description.

3. Want to dive deep into your favorite species?

Apps manage to pack more information into every part of the field guide experience, and the species description section in the Audubon Bird Guide app is no exception. Explore detailed information on habitat, behavior, and nesting that can not only help you find birds more easily, but also better appreciate them and understand their behavior.

4. What’s that sound?

Bird songs and calls vary regionally and the Audubon Bird Guide app provides hundreds of recordings to show you the regional and individual variations of bird vocalizations. With more than a dozen recordings for some species you can really get a good feel for what to listen for in your area and identify visually similar species.

5. Who else spotted that amazing bird?

Part-social media network and part-crowdsourced science project, Audubon’s NatureShare allows you to share your wildlife observations with others straight from the Audubon Bird Guide app. Select a location, add a photo, and add your comments to share with your friends and browse theirs to enjoy the natural world from the comfort of your home or to get ideas on where to explore next.