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You’re invited to join the National Audubon Society’s biennial convention as a sponsor. 

Audubon is America’s leading conservation network with a treasured brand in the environmental space.

This premier, three-day event attracts more than 400 influential leaders in the conservation field who work on behalf of birds and the environment. Attendees and participants range from local Audubon chapter leaders to community volunteers to international experts and partners from all four flyways across the Western Hemisphere. The convention features jam-packed days of networking events, distinguished keynote speakers at the forefront of conservation science and policy, hands-on workshop sessions and discussion groups, technology demos, as well as enthralling birding field trips and adventures, all located on the breathtaking shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As a sponsor, the 2019 Audubon Convention is the place to be if you want to expand your contacts and reach non-profit environmental leaders who are influential in the field of conservation and ornithology. You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to highlight your organization and make face-to-face connections.

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