Painted: April 1, 2017

(This mural has since been removed.)

About the Bird: Those long ear tufts help to break up this owl’s outline, adding to its camouflage as it hides in dense cover during daylight hours. Widespread but always scarce, Long-eared Owls seem oddly choosy in their precise habitats. A warming climate is likely to change local conditions in their current strongholds, causing them to lose ground.

About the Artist: Painter Greg Burak lives and works in Queens. His art, which often invites the viewer to peer into private scenes, has been included in numerous national shows and was recently featured as a solo exhibition at the Fortnight Institute. “I have never seen an owl in the wild,” says Burak, "although I have heard them many times before. I chose this bird because I find its mysterious and elusive nature fascinating.

Former Location:

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