Make Migration-Friendly Window Decorations

Help your feathered friends through their journey with this easy DIY.

Fall migration presents bird lovers with many amazing opportunities to spot birds as they pass overhead, but one cannot forget the dangers birds face on their journeys. One of the most dangerous of which is window collisions. With this DIY activity you can both be a champion for birds and decorate your home in fun and creative ways.

Glass Decals

Using patterns to break up the reflections and transparency of your windows can help prevent collisions. Be sure to post your homemade decorations on the outside-facing side of your window in order to disrupt the perilous reflections. 

  1. Find stencils online, at your local craft store, or freehand your designs. Any pattern can divert birds, but why not get in the fall migration spirit with bird or leaf shapes? 
  2. With waterproof adhesive paper found at your local craft store, trace and cut out your designs. Adhesive paper can be found in an array of colors, any of which will work as a window decal for birds. 
  3. Place them closely together on the outsides of your windows no more than 4 inches apartpatterns with negative space no greater than the size of your hand are most effective. 

You can also hang ribbons, or even clear tape, from the tops of, again, the outside of your windows and no more than 4 inches apart. 

While these preventative measures are not 100% effective, they can make a difference particularly when combined with other measures such as turning your lights off at night, relocating feeders within 3 feet or more than 30 feet away from windows, and installing window screens. 

Check out Audubon's recent magazine story, Bird vs. Building: Portraits of Flight Gone Wrong, on the troubles of bird collisions or learn more about how you can make your home bird safe.

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