Painted: November 6, 2016

About the Bird: The stunning Mountain Bluebird nests in sagebrush desert, mountain meadows, and alpine tundra, habitats all expected to suffer under climate change. It could lose more than half of its current breeding range—much of it vertical space on mountainsides not fully captured in the map—at 3 degrees of global warming. At 1.5 degrees, it could hold onto habitat in birder-accessible lowland prairies and sagebrush flats.

About the Artist: A Brooklyn painter and printmaker, Nathan Catlin typically works with a woodcut aesthetic and a black and white palette, focusing on bold, monochromatic imagery. He teaches at Columbia University's School of Visual Arts, where he also received his MFA. Nathan’s opinion of his Audubon Mural Project subject: “It's truly a lovely bird!”

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