"The implications of this election go far beyond partisan score-keeping. Though some Congressional races remain too close to call, it appears that voters rejected extremism in national policy and restored the balance that promises full and open debate on crucial issues, including environmental protections. That bodes well for the health of resources we all depend upon.

"The challenge now is to rise above partisanship and enact policies that protect our natural resources while addressing critical energy problems. Voters want solutions and an end to a special interest-dominated energy policy that has consisted of little more than drilling, despoiling and denial. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle can meet voter expectations by blazing the trail to a clean energy future that protects human health, wildlife and treasured places.

"We look to the new Congress and its leaders to offer constructive dialog over dogma, and solid solutions over sound bites. Now is the time for real and lasting progress on energy and other priority conservation concerns:
  • Combating global warming, while preparing for its already escalating consequences;
  • Safeguarding the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge;
  • Ensuring protection of our endangered species;
  • Adequately funding enforcement of federal environmental regulations and legislation, conservation programs, and essential, overdue upkeep of national parks and refuges; and
  • Protecting and restoring wetlands vital to environmental and economic health.
"Audubon is eager to work with the new Congress to bridge partisan divides and support the forward-looking policies needed to protect our natural heritage. Conservation is a cherished part of America's values—with the new balance in Congress, our lawmakers have a chance to show that they share those values with the voters they serve."
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