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New Audubon Web Site Connects People To Conservation Action

The quirky and engaging interactive site is the newly launched online presence of TogetherGreen, an Audubon program funded by Toyota to engage Americans in individual and collective actions that aid our environment. Visitors of all ages will learn about TogetherGreen grants to launch innovative conservation projects, TogetherGreen fellowships to train environmental leaders, and evolving plans to offer a host of volunteer opportunities. Much of the site is focused on promoting and celebrating conservation action.

"Lots of people want to do something to help the environment, but don't know how to start; offers a place to begin and some great examples to follow," says Audubon Education VP and TogetherGreen Project Manager, Judy Braus. "It's all about driving people to action."

User-Provided Content Sets the Example
To inspire action by example, allows users to nominate conservation heroes to be featured on the site, along with "community works"—collective projects that make a difference for the environment. Individual nominees will be asked for additional information and permission to be profiled. Project submissions from community groups will get immediate consideration for recognition.

Featured projects and heroes can range from major to modest in scope and accomplishments, but all combine committed people and the clear potential to make difference for the health of land, water, wildlife and communities.

Though initially honoring only a few deserving submissions, will quickly assemble a host of exemplary heroes and "community works" provided by people nationwide.

"Examples from our visitors will serve as the best inspiration for others to follow their lead, says Braus. "It's a chance for people to share their commitment and accomplishments with others who care."

Fun Features Point the Way to Action
Among sections devoted to volunteerism, innovative projects, conservation leadership/heroism, includes some unique ways to connect to conservation:

  • Tell it to the Dodo, where users can confess less-than-green behavior and get advice for making amends from a bird that blends a bit of attitude with forgiveness. After all, humans helped drive his species to extinction.
  • Make your Own Conservation Commercial (coming soon), which will allow visitors to edit and send video clips to friends to inspire conservation commitment and action.
  • Action Center, offering hundreds of tips on being green at home, at work, in the community and when you travel.
  • EcoPersonality, guiding users toward an individual environmental action prescription that fits their personality. Visitors can even submit action suggestions of their own to help others make a contribution.

As it evolves, will promote conservation volunteer days sponsored by the Audubon/Toyota alliance, as well as other opportunities for engagement.

"We expect to have contests, new ways to report and tally conservation accomplishments, and hopefully a lot of people who enjoy sharing their conservation stories while they shape a brighter, healthier future," says Braus.

She promises that the web site visitors see today is only the beginning. " will be just like the initiative itself, always changing and offering new opportunities for people to get engaged and deliver conservation results."

Launched in March 2008, TogetherGreen is an Audubon program designed to fund conservation projects, train environmental leaders, and offer volunteer opportunities to significantly benefit the environment. TogetherGreen is being made possible by a $20 million Toyota grant—the largest Audubon has received in its 103-year history— which will fund the initiative for five years. TogetherGreen will enable Audubon to expand the scope and reach of its internationally-known conservation programs. For more information, please visit
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