Nrc Report Favorable On Wind Power But More Study Needed

"The latest report from the National Academy of Sciences recognizes that properly-sited wind power holds great promise as a source of renewable energy that can reduce global warming pollution. If we don't find ways to reduce global warming pollution, far more birds and people will be threatened by climate change than by wind turbines.

"The first rule of avoiding negative impacts is a familiar adage: location, location, location.

The report rightly concludes that our challenge is to design and locate wind-power projects to minimize the negative impacts on birds. It is essential that industry-wide environmental safeguards be developed so that each wind project can be considered on its own merits with appropriate studies before and after construction."


Today's National Research Council report, "Environmental Impacts of Wind-Energy Projects" will be available from National Academies Press at

This week Audubon testified before Congress on the impacts of wind turbines on birds and wildlife. That testimony can be viewed here.
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