Passage Of Landmark Clean Energy Bill Is A Big Step Forward

"This is a vote that will be remembered for moving our country one big step closer to repowering America with clean energy, cutting our dangerous dependence on oil, and reducing global warming pollution. We applaud Chairman Waxman, subcommittee Chairman Markey, and the members of the committee for their leadership and their support for this critically important legislation.

"The American Clean Energy and Security Act establishes the groundwork for a comprehensive clean energy plan that will revitalize our faltering economy, create millions of new jobs, build the clean energy economy of the future, and protect our communities and the environment. Congress must continue to build on and strengthen this vital legislation to fully realize the economic and environmental benefits for our nation.

"Audubon looks forward to working with Chairmen Waxman and Markey, Congressional leaders, and the Obama Administration to ensure that Congress passes a comprehensive clean energy and climate plan this year."


The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES Act) was adopted by the House Energy & Commerce Committee by a vote of 33-25. The legislation is expected to move forward in the full House in the coming months.

The central component of the ACES Act is a program that will reduce global warming pollution by 83 percent below current levels by 2050. In addition, the legislation includes several forward-thinking policies that will drive investments in clean and renewable energy, ensure that we are using energy more efficiently, and reduce our dependence on dirty fossil fuels like oil and coal – all policies that help reduce global warming pollution. The legislation also includes critically important provisions that will provide funding to protect our natural resources and help birds and wildlife adapt to a changing climate. 

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