Post Your Plants for Birds Sign and Spread the Word

Let your neighbors know about the benefits of native plants.

You know that native plants help provide vital resources to birds, which is why you’ve decided to help birds by planting native species in your yard or garden. Now spread the word about the importance of native plants by placing this beautiful sign in your yard. Your donation of $25 or more will help support Audubon's efforts to get one million bird-friendly native plants in the ground--and we will show our appreciation by sending you an aluminum sign ready for posting.

  • Spread the word about the benefits of native plants. You can see the benefits of the native plants you’ve planted, but others may not know that the new plants in your yard are native, or what the positive impacts on birds are. By putting a Plants for Birds sign in your yard, you’ll be reaching more people with the message about native plants.
  • Start a conversation. The Plants for Birds sign contains a simple message but invites the viewer to learn more, and you are the perfect person to have that conversation with: Why did you decide to change your yard and what benefits are you seeing?
  • Encourage others to join the program. People in your neighborhood may not know about the benefits of native plants, but once they learn about it and see the benefits of these efforts to improve the community for birds, they’ll be more likely to join in.

Get your Plants for Birds sign here. Your friends and neighbors will know that you are a bird champion!