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President Bush Offers Needed Bird Conservation Proposals

"While much beloved, America's birds are in great peril from multiple environmental threats. Research shows shrinking habitats, poor land practices, pollution and global warming are putting common and endangered birds alike at more risk than ever before. Their decline indicates growing threats to our own well being.

"President Bush's proposals to boost bird conservation measures at home and abroad address some of the urgently needed assistance for which Audubon scientists have long advocated. While much needs to be done, we welcome the President's leadership. We look forward to working with him on these important bird conservation proposals. We also need to continue work to strengthen the Clean Water Act, restore and expand wildlife refuges, recover endangered species, invest in ecosystem restoration and end our dependence on fossil fuels.

"While the situation is grave, there is reason for optimism. Our national symbol, the bald eagle, was once faced with what seemed like certain extinction but now serves as a beacon of hope. The story of the recovered bald eagle is indicative of broader trends for bird populations. When Americans make a concerted effort at conservation the sky is the limit.

"We are especially gratified that the administration recognizes the value of Audubon's longstanding State of the Birds reports. We would welcome the opportunity to work with the administration to extend and enhance the public's understanding of bird health in America. Science based research—like Audubon's 100-years of data from the Christmas Bird Count, and the Breeding Bird Survey—can point the way for informed policy decisions that protect birds and their habitat.

"Audubon has long known the power of birds to connect people with nature. We look forward to working with the President to ensure that the connection yields real and lasting results for birds and the habitats on which they and all of us depend."


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