President Obama Takes Bold Action On Global Warming

After only a few days in the Oval Office, President Obama has sent a clear signal that the U.S. is ready to the lead the world toward a clean energy future. The President's decisive action puts our nation on a course that will repower America with clean sources of energy that reduce global warming, stimulate green jobs, and make us less dependent on fossil fuels.

President Obama is quickly establishing himself as a champion of conservation who is mindful that to restore American prosperity, we must change the ways we produce, import and consume fuel.


In a White House ceremony today, President Obama ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider granting California a waiver allowing it to set an auto emissions standard, setting the stage for other states to follow suit.

The President also called for the government to begin issuing regulations that will implement auto fuel efficiency standards enacted by Congress in 2007 and he directed the federal government to make its buildings more energy efficient and to find new ways for federal agencies to reduce energy consumption.
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